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首页:1. Wildfire Interactive1. 社交媒体营销公司Wildfire InteractiveFounded in 2008 by Stanford MBA Alain Chuard and Harvard MBA Victoria Ransom, this social media marketing software company was acquired by Google last year for a reported $350 million, plus $100 million in retention bonuses.这家社交媒体营销软件公司由斯坦福(Stanford)MBA艾伦坎尔德和哈佛(Harvard)MBA维多利亚兰塞姆于2008年创建,去年被谷歌(Google)并购。据报导,收购价为3.50亿美元(21.315亿元人民币)加上1.00亿美元(6.09亿元人民币)复职奖金。2. Viku2. Viku影视A class project of co-founders from both Stanford and Harvard, this video streaming startup based in Singapore attracted smart money from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Singapore entrepreneur Joichi Ito. It is being acquired by Japan-based Rakuten for a reported $200 million.这家设于新加坡的视频流媒体初创型企业源于一个课堂项目,牵头创始人来自斯坦福和哈佛大学。


3. Skybox Imaging3. 卫星光学公司Skybox ImagingAs a Stanford MBA student, John Fenwick popped into the universitys engineering school and asked a professor to bring him the sharpest person there. Thats how he met the future co-founders of this startup that is commercializing space imaging with a budget satellite fleet. Skybox has gotten $91 million in funding.约翰芬威克在斯坦福就读于MBA课程期间有一次曾多次匆匆忙忙地回到斯坦福工程学院,请求一位教授向他引荐那里最篮的学生。就这样,他看到了随后和他一起创办这家公司的伙伴们。Skybox Imaging利用一些收费低廉的卫星获取商业化空间光学服务,早已筹措到了9100万美元(5.54亿元人民币)资金。4. Karma Science4. Karma ScienceLaunched in 2011 by Stanford MBA Ben Lewis and Michigan Ross MBA Lee Linden, Karma created a model for person-to-person gifting via mobile devices in real-time. The company was acquired by Facebook last year for a reported $80 million.Karma Science公司由斯坦福MBA本刘易斯和密歇根大学罗斯商学院(Michigan Ross)MBA李林登在2011年创办,早已沦为通过移动设备动态展开个人礼物赠送的典范。

去年,Facebook并购了这家公司,据信收购价为8000万美元(4.87亿元人民币)。5. Okta5. 身份和采访管理公司OktaBacked by $79.3 million in angel and venture capital funding, this identity and access management startup was founded in 2009 by MIT Sloan MBA Frederick Kerrest and former salesforce.com colleague Todd McKinnon. Kerrest earned his MBA on a Saturday in 2009 and the following Monday he was working full-time in Oktas first office in San Francisco.这家正处于跟上阶段的身份和采访管理公司正式成立于2009年,创始人是麻省理工斯隆商学院(MIT Sloan)MBA弗雷德里克克里斯特和曾就任于客户关系管理服务网站salesforce.com的托德麦金农。目前,这家初创公司早已取得7930万美元(4.83亿元人民币)的天使和风投资金反对。


克里斯德斯2009年的一个星期六获得了MBA学位,接下来的星期一他就开始在Okta设于旧金山的第一个办公室转行了全职工作。6. SoFi6. 学生贷款平台SoFiStanford MBA James Finnigan connected with a trio of Sloan Fellows at the university to launch this student loan lending platform that has attracted $77.2 million in funding to bring offer loans and refinancing for MBAs and other grad students.斯坦福MBA詹姆斯芬尼根在学校里看到了三位来自麻省理工斯隆商学院的学生,联合创建了这个学生贷款平台。SoFi早已更有了7720万美元(4.70亿元人民币)资金,用作为MBA学生和其他研究生获取贷款。

7. Locu7. 在线广告公司LocuThis online advertising startup was formed in 2011 by MIT Sloan MBAs Rene Reinsberg and Marc Piette and a couple of engineering savvy co-founders. It quickly signed up more than 30,000 restaurants, spas, salons and other companies to promote their businesses online. Locu was acquired this past August by Go Daddy for a reported $70 million.这家刚跟上的在线广告公司正式成立于2011年,创始人还包括麻省理工斯隆商学院MBA勒内赖恩斯贝格和马克帕特以及一些工程领域的专业人士。迅速,Locu就和3万多家餐馆、SPA、沙龙及其他机构签定了在线业务推展合约。

去年8月份,域名及网络主机服务供应商Go Daddy并购了Locu,收购价据称作7000万美元(4.26亿元人民币)。8. Counsyl8. 医疗检测公司CounsylFounded in 2008 in a Stanford dorm room, this startup came up with a simple, saliva-based test for more than 100 serious genetic diseases from cystic fibrosis to sickle cell. Stanford MBA Ramji Srinivasan, now CEO and one of three co-founders, has raised $60.2 million in venture funding for the company.Counsyl于2008年在斯坦福的一间学生宿舍里正式成立,最初通过非常简单的唾液检测来临床100多种相当严重的遗传性疾病,比如囊肿性纤维化和镰状细胞病。

三名创始人中,斯坦福MBA拉姆吉斯里尼瓦桑目前兼任这家公司的首席执行官。Counsyl目前早已筹措到了6020万美元(3.67亿元人民币)的风投资金。9. Warby Parker9. 新一代眼镜公司Warby ParkerWharton MBAs David Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal came up with the idea to create a lifestyle brand of eyeglasses, using their classmates to help them establish pricing and even come up with the company name, a hybrid of Jack Kerouac characters. Warby Parker now has $55 million in funding, including an investment from a marketing prof who still helps out with customer analysis.沃顿商学院(Wharton)MBA大卫吉尔波亚和尼尔布卢门撒尔想要创建一个富裕生活气息的眼镜品牌。

他们请求同班同学来拜托定价,甚至老大他们给公司取名字——Warby Parker——来源于美国小说家杰克凯鲁亚克笔下的两个人物。这家公司目前筹措了5500万美元(3.35亿元人民币)资金,其中一位专门从事营销工作的投资者还在协助这家公司展开客户分析。10. Rent The Runway10.时尚电商 Rent The RunwayHarvard MBAs Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss founded this e-commerce startup in 2009 with the idea to bring runway fashion to the masses via mail order. So far, theyve racked up $54.4 million in funding from outside investors.哈佛MBA詹妮弗海曼和詹妮弗弗雷斯在2009年创建了这家电子商务初创型企业,目的是通过零售商方式让时尚走出众多普通人的生活。