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yabo登录|Singapore has claimed a head-start in the global race to deploy self-driving cars with the launch on Thursday of the world’s first public trial of a robo-taxi service.新加坡在这场部署自动驾驶汽车的全球竞赛中抢到了先机。周四,该国启动了世界上第一次自动出租车服务公开发表测试。The trial allows selected members of the public to use a smartphone app to hail a free ride in autonomous cars operated by nuTonomy, a US start-up that has been conducting trials of self-driving vehicles in Singapore since April. 这次测试容许被顺位的公众成员用于一款智能手机app调用自动驾驶出租车,体验一次免费搭乘。这些车辆是由美国创业企业nuTonomy运营的。


自今年4月以来,该公司仍然在新加坡展开自动驾驶车辆试验。The passengers, travelling either in a specially configured Renault Zoe or Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric vehicle, will be accompanied by one of the company’s engineers, who can take control of the vehicle if necessary.在上下班时,被顺位的乘客不会转入一辆经过类似配备的雷诺Zoe或三菱i-MiEV 电动车。nuTonomy公司将为首一名工程师会见乘客,在适当时,工程师可以接管汽车。The trial steals a march on Uber, which is expected to begin testing an autonomous taxi fleet with customers in the US city of Pittsburgh within weeks. 这次试验抢在了优步(Uber)前面。

预计在几周内,优步将开始跟客户在美国的匹兹堡市测试一批自动驾驶出租车。Uber and pioneers of the autonomous car industry including Google, Tesla and Volvo are already road-testing self-driving vehicles with varying success, but nuTonomy says it is the first to offer rides to members of the public in a real-world setting.优步以及谷歌(Google)、特斯拉(Tesla)和沃尔沃(Volvo)等自动汽车行业先行者已开始展开车辆路面测试,并获得了有所不同程度的顺利。

但nuTonomy回应,它是第一家在真实世界里向公众成员获取自动驾驶体验的公司。The trial, involving a fleet of six cars, will be conducted in normal traffic and includes both light and heavy traffic routes.这次试验共出动6辆汽车,试验将在长时间交通状况下已完成,并还包括流畅和挤迫两种路线。The pilot is being used to gather data on the performance of nuTonomy’s self-driving software, routing efficiency and the vehicle booking process ahead of the launch of a commercial robo-taxi service in Singapore, scheduled for 2018.这次试验的目的是搜集有关nuTonomy自动驾驶软件的展现出、路线自由选择效率和车辆预计程序的数据。